Christopher W. Cantwell Woodworks
Online Images

Wall Art

Blocks Series
"David and Louise Never Dreamed"
"Cloud Break"

Wall Sculptures
"Bridge, Peacemaker, Savior, Survivor, Child"
"Weird Thing"
"Weirder Thing"

100 Woods Series
"Meaningless Mathematics" Series
"100 Wood Acre"
"String Theory"

My House Series
"My House"
"My House II"

Eco-Political Wall Art
"Playing With Fire"
"Too Deep in the Forest"

Standard Wall Art
"Three Wing Nuts"
"Heart of Lightning"


Large Sculpture
"Baton Noir"
"New Tower"

Small Sculpture
"Ghost Box"
"Spotty Box"
"Log Jam"

"Absrtact Coffee Table"
"Standard Coffee Table"
"Octagon Table"
"Treck Table"

Sculptural Tables
"Under the Influence"
"He's Playing With Blocks Again"
"Freedom Table"

Other Sculpture
"Something Strange Has Happened To Me"